Embark on the journey towards growth profitability. Tailored-made growth solutions for your marketing challenges. Spaag is an experienced team of growth marketers to solve the pain points of C-levels and executives.

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    UX-UI / Development

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    LEOLEO / Development by Thomas Carré

We created this site using Webflow, with the idea of having a site that incorporates the main principles of Spaag's already very rich and colorful graphic charter.

It was necessary to find the right balance to keep it fun and accessible, while remaining serious and professional in the way we present Spaag expertises.

We had the good idea to take some shapes from their charter, turn them into 3D, and animate them using the online tool Spline. 5 different 3D Spline animations are hidden in various pages of the site, can you find them?

Take away

We had fun translating this brand identity into a more modern and dynamic website. The advantage of a Webflow back office made a difference when updating certain content. The combination of Spline scenes and Lottie animations added rhythm to the website navigation, an approach we really like.

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    splines animations

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