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Addresses, tips, and cool stories for all dogs and their humans! Making the daily lives of urban dog owners easier through fun articles and practical content, co-written by a gang of passionate authors

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  • role

    Branding / Social Media / UX-UI / Development

  • credits

    LEOLEO / Copywriting by Aurélie Cia


Initially, we embarked on the identity work, crafting a rich branding palette infused with colors and illustrations, all reflecting the diverse spectrum inherent in the dog universe.

Social media

Then we tackle the various video or photo formats that would be posted on social networks. The aim was to let Lump's paw print shine through while still giving center stage to the content.


Lastly, we crafted a landing page via Webflow and a newsletter to bolster their web editorial presence, primarily aimed at capturing sign-ups. This site is set for swift evolution!

Take away

Hand in hand, both strategically and in the creation of the Lump media brand, we accompanied the teams all the way to the launch announcement! We're crossing our fingers tight, hoping the content finds its audience.

  • 15

    social media formats

  • 30

    dogs illustrations

  • 1,5

    months for brand book delivery


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