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Junto creates culinary services at home and for businesses. Catering, corporate counters, connected dining, home delivery... Fresh, homemade, and seasonal food to delight you.

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    Branding / Print / UX-UI / Development

  • credits

    LEOLEO / Copywriting by Emmanuelle Labbé

Le Bon Bocal approached us to help reposition their brand by creating a new name and a fresh visual identity. We suggested "Junto" as their new name, inspired by the founders, Julien and Antonin. It's a short, memorable name.

They needed to elevate their brand to a more premium level and better represent their catering and service offerings. The color palette was directly inspired by some of the dishes and ingredients they love to use, always fresh and in season.

Certain key materials received special attention in how this new visual identity was applied. The idea of a premium brand that masters both its presentation and its cuisine.

Take away

We had been eager to work for the food industry, a sector that inspires us a lot. We are particularly proud of the excellent feedback from Junto's clients regarding their new brand identity.

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